Monday, 5 December 2011

Songwriters Masterclass: Justin Bieber

Introducing the Songwriters Masterclass, an exciting new series where I sit down with some of the most outstanding and influential songwriters of our time to discuss their craft.

First up is Justin Bieber, a talented young virtuoso who captured the world's imagination with such timeless classics as 'One Time', 'Never Say Never', and, of course, 'Baby'.

Flexi:   Justin, welcome to the Songwriters Masterclass. You've had a number of hits, but I think most people, when they hear the name 'Justin Bieber', automatically think of 'Baby'.

Justin:   I took the paternity test. It ain't mine. I got nothin' else to say about it.

Flexi:   I meant your hit song. I think it would be fascinating to deconstruct your creative process.

Justin:    Huh? So, like, I'm in the studio with my producers, and they're playing me this track ... (starts singing) 'You know you love me, I know you care, blah blah blah'.

Flexi:   You have a lovely voice.

Justin:   Thanks. So they're like 'what do you reckon for the chorus?' and I was like 'baby, baby, baby.'

Flexi:   Oh.

Justin:   Exactly. And then, you know, you gotta have a rhyme - it's like poetry and stuff - so then I'm like 'baby, baby, baby, no.' See? I rhymed 'oh' with 'no'.

Flexi:   Genius. Well Justin, unfortunately we're out of time -

Justin:  (bursting into song) 'Me plus you I'ma tell you one time, me plus you I'ma tell you one time, me plus you I'ma tell you one time, one time, one time.'

Flexi:    Er, Justin, actually that was three times.

Justin:    Whatever.

I hope you enjoyed the first episode of Songwriters Masterclass. Please join me next time when I share a cup of tea and chew the creative fat with Lady Gaga.

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